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One of my many new years resolution was to get in shape and Nintendo offered me the chance to try the Wii Fit U for a month. After all that wine drinking and tourtière eating, I was pretty stocked when the news came. I am also a little geek, I like to play video games a lot, so I decided to give it a try. What I liked the most about it was that I could stay home and exercise, no need to brave the cold to go to the gym. Also, the game was fair with me, no lying: I was not in shape at all! My first test gave me a 49 years old virtual age, ouch! So, my “personnal trainer” gave me tips: what to try, what to work on, etc. I could choose between yoga, dance, hula, luge, name it! I had quite a blast while training and I can’t say that has happened a lot in my life. Stay tuned, I’ll write a second post at the end of my month, to let you know if I could (or not) keep up with my work-out routine. (psst, I elaborated a little more in french, don’t be afraid to use google translate or a frenchie friend if you want to know more about the game!)

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