Having fun with wood

Vintage purse and shoes. Forever21 floral shorts. H&M crochet shirt and hat. Vintage D&G belt. Ardene ring.

How do you like my wood mustache/eyebrows?
For those pictures, I met my friend/photographer in Park Lafontaine but I arrived one hour late. I felt so bad, I hate being late, sorry again dear! (public apologizes are always more efficient)
Then, while shooting, I decided that I was going to show you another side of my personality, my silly side. I am not a very serious girl, as you now may see.
I think that fashion blogger can sometimes be funny too in their pictures, show their humorous side, as SonfofStyle did while playing with coconuts (here).
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  • Joanna

    lovely photos! love the mustache wood! haha


  • Steffys Pros and Cons

    love your top!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • Cee Harvey

    love this look! x

  • Jane

    Jadore ta tenue merveilleuse!!!

  • Gabrielle

    You're a cutie patootie! And I love when bloggers are silly too, it makes them more fun and personable! Who says fashion has to be serious ;) I think that's probably why I love The Man Repeller so much. She's hilaaaarious.

    Completely random note, but I really love how you post in both english and french. I mean, it makes sense because of your Canadian background, but I like it because I've been learning French for a while so it's good practice for me!

    Following you now, my friend!