Gift guide (3) The sporty

gift guide- the sporty


This gift guide is for the Sporty (spice) of(f) your life. This girl loves to sweat it out, she takes care of her body, she eats well and she wears natural makeup. She lives a healthy life and being comfy in what she wears is important to her. Want to get her something from the montage? Just click on it and let the Internet work its magic.
  1. Gym Ipod holder
  2. Bicycle Wall art
  3. Kanken backpack
  4. Sephora Ribbon hair ties
  5. Lush skin care product
  6. Triangl swimwear
  7. Vegetable Juice
  8. Comfy socks
  9. Flavour It water bottle
  10. Calvin Klein underwear
  11. Adidas original sweater
  12. Benefit waterproof mascara
  13. Pineapple Iphone case
  14. Minimalist watch
  15. Nike sneakers
  16. Lush bubble bath bomb
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Gabrielle Lacasse

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