Gift Guide (1) The Geek

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The first Dentelle+Fleurs gift guide of the year is out. This week, I’ll be bombarding you guys with gift ideas, because who doesn’t like a little inspiration? First one is for the Geek-ette! If you like a certain item, you can click on the link to purchase it online and get it shipped at your door. Easy as a pie.

  1. A gold Wii. Why not? It’s so Pinterest.
  2. Camera toilet tissu holder.
  3. Cat highlighters.  Too cute I can’t handle it.
  4. Emoji sweater. Aren’t we all a little emoji hooked?
  5. A great book. I choose Not that kind of Girl but there are plenty of others to choose from.
  6. A good backpack to carry all of these books.
  7. Cute glasses (classic I know)
  8. Game Over phone case.
  9. Comfy loafers to get you through that computer-work-day
  10. Star Wars cup. Just because every geek needs its coffee fix.
  11. Earphones. Those ones are def’ the most stylish I ever saw.
  12. Anti-Dust earphone jack. This one is a cat. Aw
  13. Marc Jacobs Ipad case case. Carrying your Ipad has to be made the right way, I say.
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Gabrielle Lacasse

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