Get ready on a cute dressing table

Get ready with a dressing table Soyez prêtes - installez une coiffeuse dans votre chambre A dressing table to decorate your room How to decorate your room with a dressing table Une belle coiffeuse pour votre chambre

Makeup is more than just a part of your beauty routine. In fact, it can be a part of your home deco. This is why having a great vanity (yes, those pretty little tables to do your makeup at) is necessary. A beautiful vanity will completely transform your bedroom into a beautiful space where you are free to express your love for makeup. Whether your vanity is custom made or it is just a pretty table in the corner of your bedroom, make sure to keep it neat and organized! You will see, it will create a beautiful, inviting and inspiring space within your bedroom.

Photos via MD, R29, ND, Châtelaine & Dia de beauté

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Michelle Vargas

She left the beautiful and sunny Brazil for the pretty streets of the Plateau Mont Royal. She talks a lot, loves wearing striking lipstick colors and is a big fan of home decor.