Fields of joy

H&M hat, high waisted jeans and cropped sweater. Vintage necklace. Spring boots. BCBG Max Azria purse. 

Here is a list of things that makes me happy, because creating joy is something meaningful and vital.
1. A great diner with great friends. I had one last night and it was so refreshing and fun.
2. A good television show. Right now I am addicted to Dexter, that show is just awesome.
3. Spending time with the family.
4. The look in the eyes of my dog when he knows he is going for his walk.
5. Good food, preferably served with tasteful wine.
6. Listening to music in the car, singing at the same time.
7. Finding a great book in a thrift store (you can replace book by piece of clothing, as needed).
8. Laughing while playing a board game.
9. Saturdays. I am always happy on a saturday.
10. Meeting fellow bloggers.
And many many more. Life is good, remember that.
Have a nice week-end my lovelies. xo
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