Fashion week, last outfit

Vintage shoes, belt, silk scarf and gloves. Gap coat. Forever 21 skirt and necklace.
This is what I am going to wear today at Montreal Fashion week, for the last but not least day. I decided to wear the maxi skirt because everyone is going for simple black and I wanna stand out of the crowd. This headband is actually a silk scarf that I tied up behind my head, it is vintage and has animal prints on it, I like it a lot.
As you can see I tried a different style with those pictures… I don’t know if I like it… It looks a little weird, right?
Anyways, I am sorry if I don’t write a lot in the posts these days but I have some many things to do. Some of you might think that I have the easiest life ever but I go to school full time, have two jobs and I try to make this blog work as well. Plus this week is fashion week every night so I am quite busy, I didn’t even have time to clean my room. But, that can wait, right?
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