Emoji rings from Verameat: You’ll want them all

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Remember when I attended NYFW this winter with Jojo and Caro Stratis? Yes yes you do. Well, we obviously made time for a little shopping in Brooklyn and the girls brought me to this amazing store called VeraMeat. I then discovered this oh-so-hot girl that creates Emoji rings, EMOJI RINGS. Poo ring, bff ring, pizza ring, name it! Since then, I am obsessing over them and debating the idea of buying one: “But you don’t realllyyy need an poo emoji ring” vs. “Buttt yessss I needdddd it”.

Which one should I get? Help me choose from my favourite below:

lol emoji ring

The most used emoji in my text message convos I must say

pizza emoji ring

Because Pizza is lifebff emoji ring

I could buy this one with another friend and share it as a bff-ring

emoji ring want them all verameat

To me, this emoji says: Thattsss rightttt

poo emoji ring

When someone takes to long to answer my messages, I send a poo emoji. Yep

So, which one should I get?

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