Earthy cape and ponytail

Cape from Italy. Forever 21 wedges, dress and stocking. Vintage Gloves.
I had the strength to go out and take outdoor pictures today! Instead of complaining about the bad weather, I decided to pretend it was spring again and wear a little cute dress with flowers. 
You may have noticed that I am hocked on earthy colors like beige, brown, army green and camel. I don’t know why but it seems like I wear these colors in every single outfit post. This cape is the first piece of earthy colors that I bought. I got it in Italy, oh that beautiful place, I wish I could go to Europe again.
On an another level of idea, here are a few things that I can’t stop doing these days:
1. Fresh home made smoothies.
2. Spending time home
3. Posting on my blog!
4. Ebay shopping
5. Wishing I was somewhere else, in a warm country
Have a nice day. See you guys tomorrow!
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