Driving through New Hampshire

I started my 2017 travel year by exploring New Hampshire with my two dear friends, Eve and Jeff. The NH tourism board created a little itinerary for us to discover the main cities, eat great food and explore the mountains. Nothing to complain about, really.

We started our journey by flying to Boston, then driving to our first city. We stayed in many cute, cozy B&Bs, met amazing people and even had the chance to explore an ice castle. Each day, we drove to a new city to explore the finest of the “Live free or die” state.

Here are some infos about my travel, in bullet point form, because it’s way more fun like this!

  • Hotels we stayed in (and that I highly recommend): Martin Hill Inn, 1785 Inn Bed and Breakfast and The Mountain Club on Loon.
  • Lovely places to visit: Tamworth Lyceum and Tamworth distillery. Eat/grab coffee at the first one and then go shop and taste home-made liquor at the second spot.
  • Things to do: Get a snowcoach ride in the White Mountains. Visit the Ice castle. Grab coffee at Cascade coffee house in North Woodstock.
  • Favourite restaurants: Cava Tapas and Wine Bar Restaurant in Portsmouth- I basically died eating there, the food was oh-so amazing. The Wentworth Inn. for it’s lovely service and menu. Row 34 in Portsmouth- they cultivate their own oysters, worth the visit.

I also created a video/vlog of my New Hampshire road trip. Press play to see what we did in motion!

Have you ever visited New Hampshire? What is your favourite thing to do when in this state?

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