DIY: Super Easy Flower Crown


I was over flower crowns. I thought is was out, that I didn’t need one in my life. Then, a few days ago, I realized that flower crowns were timeless and that they can bring such joy and cuteness to any outfit. But oops, there was no signs of that accessory in my wardrobe. It was definitely the time for a DIY. And an easy one, because I’m an easy lover.

First of all, a glue gun is a powerful DIY weapon that everyone should have at home. You can do pretty much everything with it and you can also use it for simple housework. Invest in one, or buy a cheap one like me at the dollar store! While you are there, buy lots lots lots of fake flowers, then make a flower crown. How? Easy. Learn every step by sliding your mouse over each picture. Then, wear it at any festival, picnik, pool party, baby shower and couch potato day.

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