How to decorate a wedding on a budget

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Weddings are wonderful and romantic and most brides desire a beautifully decorated one. If you have little money to put towards your wedding, these tips will help to have an inexpensive one:

  • You can fill your tables with personal mementos, photos of your life together, or even your family’s life with wedding photos from multiple generations.
  • Invest in a stylish vintage wedding. You can find vintage objects at your grandparent’s, they always have a lot of beautiful objects that can fit your modern wedding.
  • Use glass bottle jars, vases, and cups to put the flowers and candles on the table. By the way, flowers can be everywhere in the decoration – even on the chairs for the ceremony or in suspended vases!
  • The menu on the table is also part of the decoration. Let your theme inspire you.
  • Use old photo frames as trays to display the pastries on the dessert table. For the cake, there are plenty of beautiful cakes at affordable prices, like “naked cakes”.
  • Don’t forget to make a place for beautiful photos and souvenirs. You can create a photobooth made with branches, flowers and books.

Less is more. We are sure you still want to have some money left for the honeymoon, right? ;)

Pics from Wedding Chicks, Pinterest and Agência Uai 
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