Customize your Bike

polka dot bike Bikes jupe en vélo Bicycle Joli Vélo

 From Amsterdam to Montreal, summer has started and bikes are out. Why not customize yours to make it more personal and beautiful?

You can change the handlebars, give some colours to the wheels, replace the saddle for a vintage leather one and choose a luggage rack that goes with the style of your bike. You could even add a pretty 70s style basket.

If you do not know where to customize your bike, you can always go to Pignon sur roues, Ibike or Vélo Urbain stores. They are the Dentelle+Fleurs team favourite places in Plateau Mont-Royal.

Use your imagination and creativity to pimp out your bike. Just don’t forget to wear a helmet!

Pictures from Tumblr, Pinterest and Eleanor‘s

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Michelle Vargas

She left the beautiful and sunny Brazil for the pretty streets of the Plateau Mont Royal. She talks a lot, loves wearing striking lipstick colors and is a big fan of home decor.