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A few weeks ago, I received an email from Club Monaco, mentioning they were opening a new store on St-Catherine, downtown Montreal. They wanted to collaborate for the occasion, to celebrate their big step (from a little store in Cours Mont-Royal to a majestic/cool/bigger store). It didn’t take much time until I replied: EH, SURE! I’ve always loved Club Monaco and their unique, classy clothes. Then, I visited their new store and my head exploded: it is THE coolest store downtown Montreal. Marble stairs, Myriade coffee inside, awesome deco, vintage Chanel, everything is at the right place.

Their official opening is very soon and I’ll be there to take pictures of the new place to share with you guys afterwards on the blog. In the meantime, I went to the new place to pick up an outfit and I choose this great jumpsuit that I layered with a silk blazer and a feather vest. I wore them all separately during the holidays, because I just couldn’t get enough.

Outfit details: Club Monaco vest, one-piece and blazer. Converses shoes.

Photos: Versepasi

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