Club Monaco opening in photos

Yesterday was the official opening of the new Club Monaco store, downtown Montreal. It was a wild party: Champagne, DJ (Hi, Abeille!), Fancy drinks, good coffee, friends, PR people, name it!

As the official “Montreal blogger” working with Club Monaco, I went a little early to take pictures of the store and share them with you guys. As you can see, everything is so damn beautiful there! Vintage Chanel bags, Café Myriade, marble stairs, Drawn&Quarterly books, Ray Bans, etc. There is absolutely everything you ever wanted on these two fabulous floors. They also have a selection of made-in-Montreal products, so that you can feel at home when you shop (yes, also to promote local brands, but you know that!). Plus, they have a bolder, bigger selection of clothing that the one they use to have at Cours Mont-Royal.

Now, the only question that needs to be answered is: Can I live there?

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* Psstt, click on the photos to see them in a bigger size!

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