Cigs in fashion, yay or nay?

Smoking in fashion, yes or no? La cigarette dans les éditos mode Smoking in Fashion Smoking in fashion editorials keira knightley smoking in editorial La fumée et la mode La cigarette et la mode

Cigarettes. Such a controversial subject, yet everyone has to deal with it directly or indirectly almost every day. We can’t deny it: cigarettes are everywhere and the fashion industry is no exception. It is often used as a prop on fashion editorials, as you can see on the pictures above. We know smoking is a really bad habit that can be dangerous for the health and in any case should not be encouraged, but don’t you think it can give a certain edginess/fierceness to the photo? Does it look just plain trashy or rebellious and mysterious? Anyway, there are lots of different opinions about that subject and we would be glad to hear what you think!

What do you think of cigarettes in fashion editorials?


Pics from Fashiongonerogue and Studded Hearts

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