(Charlie) Brown

Vintage faux fur trench coat and belt. Whole-sale dress skirt. Forever 21 sweater. H&M hat. Spring boots.
I haven’t been posting much this week and I apologize, but my midterm was kinda crazy, I have to admit. All I have been doing this week is studying, eating, exams, essays, working and eating again. I don’t even know how I survived this, all I know is that I now have time to breathe a little.
This vintage faux fur trench coat is a unique piece. Nobody really understood me when I decided to buy it, because a faux fur trench coat is something weird that no one wants to wear. Except me, of course. I don’t really care because I love it and nobody gets to have the same as me :)
I do get comments all the time like: “You dress weird” or “I like what you’re wearing but I would neeeeveeerrr wear that” or “That’s fits you well but would be weird on someone else”. Are those compliments? I don’t even know haha
You probably figured that hats are my new things. I freaking lloovee hats. Different kind, size, colors, I want them all.
Have a super nice thursday, you rock. xo

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