Celebrate Easter with Lush

Lush Easter products Lush for Easter

Easter does not have to be all about eggs and chocolate. Well, yes, it can be, but there is also another fun way to celebrate this holiday: with Lush products. Less visits to the dentist afterwards and much more relaxing than running around to find eggs.

Here are my 4 personal faves of the Lush Easter collection:

  1. Ultraviolet: A purple bubble bath, what else can you ask for? And by bubbles, I mean lots and lots of bubbles. You can also use it little by little, no use to try the whole thing at once.
  2. Pot O’ Gold: Take a shower with glitters and gold. Hint: the texture is so damn funny. It reminds me of the blobs we were not allowed to bring to school when I was a kid.
  3. Golden Egg: The only egg you really need this easter. It adds a fun, creamy feel to your bath + more glitters!
  4. Carrot Soap: Your skin will feel smooth, relaxed and will smell good (no, it will NOT smell like carrots).

What are your faves from the Lush easter collection?

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