avocado salads

Healthy Snack-Attack

Are you the type of gal who’s always hungry? We hear ya, especially at this time of the year, when there’s nothing to do…

Drops of white wrapping paper

Wrap it up with brown paper

  ‘Tis the season…. To get those gifts wrapped! Christmas is expensive. Unfortunately, so is the pretty wrapping paper from that awesome craft shop….


Couple (or BFF) costume ideas

We may be a little too old for “Trick or Treat”, but on the other hand, the amount of parties on the upcoming Halloween…

DIY wood painted kitchen kit

7 super cute and easy home DIY

Colored plants hangers DIY Paint your wood kitchen ustensil DIY Make more Adventures DIY Mini Strings DIY Painted Bowls DIY All Natural Hair Sanitizer…

Festival DIY- 90's backpack

Festival DIY: 90s backpack

Forever21 backpack and t-shirt. Vintage shorts. I teamed up again with Forever21 to teach you how to create a fun and practical festival DIY,…

Easy DIY Banana Popsicles

DIY: Banana Pop

To celebrate Spring that is finally here and the launch of Forever21 summer collection, I teamed up with the brand to teach you a…