Boxing shorts

Sporty shorts are definitely making a comeback this Summer- I am thinking about biking shorts, boxer shorts, even basketball shorts. I can’t say I am mad about it, since I’ve always been an advocate of comfort and lazyness.

These photos were taken on my balcony, one of my favorite place on earth. Surrounded my greens, it feels like I live in a small tree house, hidden from the outside world. I like to sit there to write, read or just have a mindful moment when I feel like it. It is definitely my safe space, where I feel zen and I can think about great things and sometimes not so great things, because it happens! The good thing is that I feel at home and peaceful there, especially during hot days like the ones we are experiencing right now.

Photos: Gabrielle Robert

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Gabrielle Lacasse

Gabrielle is the founder of Dentelle+Fleurs. As a young woman with a creative soul, passionate about writing and photography, she uses the web as an artistic platform to share her ideas and work.