Behind the scenes: How to prepare for a blog photoshoot

Getting ready for a blog photoshoot might look like a breeze, but it takes a lot of time and dedication if you want to do it right. I’ve always tried to create images that felt like me but also that were fun to look at and original. I try to not fall into the same patterns over and over again- aka a white wall or a red brick wall. I try to walk around, see which wall/scenery matches my outfit and then work with my photographer to create the most amazing images possible.

I’ve created a video for you guys on the topic, but I will still list down a few tips and tricks below, so you can really get how full-time bloggers do it. I am not saying all bloggers are using the same formula, but this one is the one I’ve been using for years and it works super well for me.

Step 1: Go shopping. If you are working with a particular brand, aka creating a sponsored post, you might have to shoot specific things from this clothing line, such as their latest collection or go-to accessory. You then need to visit their store and find what you like there, while staying true to yourself and your personal style.

Step 2: Pick your outfits. I always choose my outfits before my photographers comes and meet me (or I go meet them) because I don’t want to leave them hanging. It is exactly like being a stylist, you want to come to the set prepared. Since I pay the people I work with, I want to it be efficient both for me and for them. I make sure I pick everything from shoes to accessories in advance. I then put them together in a little package on a chair to make sure I do not forget anything when we will be shooting.

Step 3: Create a moodboard. I think this step is just about being efficient. Just like any photoshoot, you want to be inspired, but also know the direction you are going to take with the photos. I make sure my photographer sees my moodboard before the day of the photoshoot, so we are both on the same page. It also helps when you have no idea of how you want to snap your outfits.

Step 4: Get ready. Get your glam on. Apply your makeup, do something cute with your hair and smile. You can also take the time to revise your moodboard.

Step 5: Shoot! Shooting is the fun part. You get to create beautiful images and have fun while working.

Step 6: Choose the photos and post them on your website. Tadah! You did it, you create a full-blown outfit post- or even more than one- so it is now time to post it and enjoy the process.


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