Beauty: What’s in my makeup bag

makeup in my everyday case

I’ve always been a fan of light makeup, so what’s in my bag reflects my love for simplicity. Blue, pink, yellow eye shadows? Not for me. I love a product that will make me feel pretty without screaming LOOK I HAVE MAKEUP ON LOOK! So, I thought I’d share with you my makeup faves of the moment, for a natural looking face, of course (do not apply them all at once!).

1. Perfume (la petite robe noir de Guerlain) 2. Liptick, lipgloss and lipbalm (from Lise Watier, Lancôme, Chanel, Blistex, Mèreadesso and Pupa) 3. Neutral Eyeshadow (from Yves Rocher) 4. Blush (from Yves Rocher) 5. BB Creme. I use it as a concealer (from Marcelle) 6. Eye illuminator. I use it every ugh-so-hard-to-get-up morning (from Aveeno) 7. Make-up Fixative, because I hate reapplying it during the day (from Lise Watier) 8. Bronzing Gel (from Lise Watier) 9. Knol (from Lise Watier, Yves Rocher and Annabelle) 10. Eyebrow pencil. Mine as so messy (from Yves Rocher) 11. Mascara (from Lise Watier) 12. Brushes and mirror, to apply all of that stuff

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Gabrielle Lacasse

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  • Love that layout! Where’s the cute bag from?