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beauty for summer skin

beauty products for a great summer skin

beauty products and a cat

Summer summer summer, the fun part of the year. We all look 10 times cuter, we rock those tan lines with no shame and we eat some serious amount of meat-on-the-bbq. But still, we need to take care of that glowy skin, so here are a few products that can seriously help (even my cat likes them):

1. Yves Rocher sparkly Monoï de Tahiti dry oil. Apply it over your legs, decolletage and arm before going out at night for a shiny look. It will enhance your summer tan.  2. Lise Watier dry oil. Apply it over your body after your daily shower for a healthy looking skin. +1 for the sexy smell.  3. Consonant Perfect sunscreen. I don’t need to tell you how to use it, just do it, it’s important   4. Lise Watier illuminating gel. Apply on cheekbones and T-Zone for an instant tan, without the risks.   5. Yves Rocher Monoï de Tahiti oil. Put it in your hair to make them shine bright. It smells so nice too.  6. Consonant organic foaming face wash. Very gentle for the skin and organic, what more can I say? (For sale at Etiket)

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