Beauty: On false Eyelashes

lise watier faux cils false eyelashes

Lise Watier false eyelashes

I’ve been wanting to wear fake eyelashes for a while now, but did not know how to. Well, yes, I know, you stick them over your real eyelashes, where you previously made a perfect line with your liquid liner. By how I meant, when? Christmas? At a friend’s birthday? On a monday morning (not)? With boyfriend jeans? With an Oscar-worthy dress? I’ve always feared that it would look too much, even for a very special occasion. Well, guess what, I tried these for a night out, when lights were dimmed  and I looveed it! I felt like a movie star, without the nude scenes and I didn’t need that much makeup on that night. I felt gracious, flirty and fun. Try it once, just for fun, you’ll see!


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Gabrielle Lacasse

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