Beauty: Lush Massage bar

lush pain de massage

Stress: A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances or, for me, my every monday state of mind. I am not saying I am always stressed, but I am not the most zen person you could meet. Therefore, someone I love decided to buy me the Lush Massage bar as a special Christmas gift, to release the everyday tension (this one is called Wiccy Magic Muscle). I tried it this week and let me tell you, it is quite awesome. The soft texture, the smell, the mix between icy and hot, it is a great combination of beauty and health in a tiny bar. Now, do you have a favorite Lush product? If so, do share.



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Gabrielle Lacasse

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  • I love lush so much! I have so many bath products from there, it’s rather ridiculous. I really love their soaps and solid shampoos, and the bath bombs of course (esp. Sakura!)

  • J’ai envi d’essayer ce produit, il a l’air sympa!
    Perso, j’adore le masque Laitue d’amour, il sent la lavande et est tellement relaxant en plus de rendre la peau douce!
    Bonne journée!

  • The more I hear about Lush, the more I’m thinking I really need to go pick some of their stuff up..and this sounds like the perfect thing for me! I’m not the most ‘zen’ person either so this might be a good option for me!! Thanks for sharing

  • Their R&B hair moisturized is a must have! it smells like citrus and coconut and it makes magic with your hair.. honestly.

  • Oh god, this is like, my FAVORITE item from Lush. I always have a couple lying around ready to be used. The scents and texture are just lovely.