Red alert


Manteau: Twik chez Simons

Chapeau: H&M
Purse: Vintage
Foulard: Vintage
Bas rouge: H&M
Robe: trouvée dans un marché en Italie
Bottes: Vintage

 Today, it was snowing a lot in Montreal (as you can see in the pictures).
It was so nice out, not very cold, so I decided to go in front of a pretty church to take some pictures.
Obviously, the church was closed because of the amount of snow, but I thought it was just like old times: Going to church, with a nice and chic outfit, on a sunday! Most of church here, in Canada, are closing because nobody is going anymore. I found that very sad, because I love those places. Their are all so pretty and they are part of our history.

Besides, I thought that was a great city outfit, because the temperature in Montreal is always changing. You need lots of layers, good winter boots and a nice scarf to protect yourself from the wind. I always thought that looking stylish on a snowy day was impossible. You get water in your eyes, the snow gets in your boots and your purse is wet for the rest of the day.
But I guess I proved myself wrong today. The only thing you need to do is put matching socks and coat, grab a cup of coffee, wear a nice hat and your good to go!
Have a nice week everyone!
Christmas is not that far, hang in there!

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