Adventures with Aritzia and #Nowhereeverywhere


Last week, I had the opportunity to shot in the old port for Aritzia with some fellow blogger friends, Anik, Gaëlle and Candice. We walked all day in the old port, taking pictures and enjoying our day together. It was rainy, cold and windy, but we had so much fun together that the weather didn’t even matter. We ended the day at a great restaurant, talked about a bunch of things and laughed a lot.

Aritzia is inviting you guys to go on an adventure with them this month, just like we did, with their hashtag #nowhereeverywhere. You can stroll in your favourite part of your town, taste a new meal, sip coffee in a park or even travel the world all by yourself. Use the hashtag and you may win a $2500 wardrobe!  How wouldn’t want a complete Aritzia wardrobe? I know I would.


Pictures by Jorge Camarotti

All clothes from Aritzia

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