Abby Brothers

Abby Brothers shows us how to welcome spring in a gorgeous way. Those lips, i mean, gosh!
Also, the first outfit is real pretty, flowers and transparent lace are a great combination.
Hope you had a nice week-end, don’t give up, spring is on his way.
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Pictures: Fashiongonerogue

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  • Scarlett.Adele

    This is really pretty. Thanks for the comment. I followed you. Follow me back if you want x

  • Onyxay

    Hi!thanks for comment and visit my blog! love your last outfit, th skirt it's so beautyful!
    I follow you!hope you follow me too!

    kiss and I wait your next outfit!! :D

  • Aphrodite

    Merci pour ton commentaire :D J'aime beaucoup ton blog, j'adore les photos que tu as publiée. Je te suit !! :) à bientôt :)


  • Theresa

    You're right, her lips are to die for! It's so funny to see how fashion history repeats itself. I remember wayyyy back in the 80's when floral jeans were the rage. I honestly did not think they would ever be again, lol.

  • Sarai

    She is gorgeous! Love how she pulls the florals off.. I know I couldn't lol

    Check my blog out too and follow me back if you like!


  • Masoom R. Minawala

    Omg love these pictures! She's gorgeous and the settings great!
    Amazing blog – following you : ) : )

  • Erica
  • Tabatha

    I really love the last pic, the jeans dress looks pretty hot on her :-)

    Thank you for the comment on my blog, I'm following you now. Hope you follow back ;-)

  • Sabrina T.

    my dear thanks for the visit and i love your blog!nice photos!!
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  • Peach

    love your trousers!! floral pattern's really original!

  • Alien

    I love checking out your blog and reading both in french and english. It forces me to remember my french :)
    I really like the lace too, as well as the red pants :D

  • Pithsala

    Omg. I love all these photographs. Absolutely stunning.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog!
    Hope to hear from you frequently!


  • Lupe
  • LizAnn

    Wow I love everything about this outfit! It's just amazing :) The top is so dainty and girly, and I adore the print on the pants!

    VPV Intern