A few 2016 beauty resolutions

your 2016 beauty Resolution

Although we have time to rest during the holidays, often stress of preparations and gift shopping, partys and our irregular hours of sleep do not really allow us to be completely off.

To start the New Year, we found 5 little tricks that are easy to incorporate into your routine to ensure you another year without any signs of fatigue.

  • Drink water: to stay hydrated and see the benefits on your skin
  • Remove your make-up every night
  • Make a scrub once a week to take care of your skin and take a little time to pamper yourself
  • Gradually decrease your caffeine intake: this will reduce your stress and allow you to depend less on it
  • Close all your screens one hour before bedtime: simply to sleep better! Although we too are the type of girls who likes to listen to Netflix

We still found amazing products for our after-Holidays-party-face for a small quick-fix:

– Pepti-Collagen Serum X3 by Karine Joncas which reduces dark circles and increases the volume of the eyelashes (YES!)

– Smoothing Firming Mask Sculptwear by Clinique that erases our signs of fatigue and smoothes the skin for a natural glow

(But unfortunately they do not replace good habits … oops)

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Sophie Arcand

Even if she’s still looking for her favourite beauty products of all time, Sophie can go out of the house without any makeup on. Her wardrobe is mainly composed of basics in neutral shades. Nevertheless, her thirst for discovery pushes her to explore new trends.