A breakfast with PANDORA jewellery

Sometimes, you have breakfast with your friends, other times you go on a brunch date and well, rarely, you have breakfast with PANDORA, Elle Canada and Elle Quebec. You guessed it, last week, I had the chance to attend the Elle beauty Grand Prix awards with PANDORA and I just had the loveliest time.

The morning started with Mimosas (the only way!) and an impressive amount of jewellery. PANDORA sponsored the event at Le Windsor, where I had the chance to try on a few pieces from their Autumn collection, the luminous leaves one was my favorite. To be honest, I was surprised on how the pieces were a total fit with my personal style: simple, classy and on trend. It was love at first sight! Since that morning, I’ve worn my new rings every single day. I paired my newest acquisitions with my favourite turtleneck dress from Aritzia and my statement 3.1 Phillip Lim messenger bag.

After a few convos, cocktails and photos at the photo-booth, we ended up having the cutest breakfast ever at the PANDORA table. There was a table for each company that was nominated at the award. Basically, this prestigious competition offers a judging panel of Elle readers (who are also customers) to vote for their favourite products of the year, in a blind test. This ceremony was to announce the winners of the competition and to celebrate the beauty industry in itself. I got to discover why products were Elle reader’s faves and confirm my love for many beauty items that I was already using on a daily basis.

What I liked to most about this breakfast? The coffee, the fruit bowls and to discover a whole lot more about PANDORA. I’ve never taken the time to really get to know the brand and their collection of jewelry, and I was pretty excited when I discovered the amount of dainty pieces they create each season. One of the rings I was sporting that day was just too good to be true.

Major thanks to PANDORA for having me on this lovely morning. It was a wonderful breakfast and a great start to a new love affair between my new rings and me.

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Gabrielle Lacasse

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