8 perfect ideas to prepare your home for the holidays

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There is almost nothing more exciting than styling your place for the holidays, right? As we are genuine decoration lovers, the classic tree is not enough – why only decorate a little when you can leave no space undecorated and fill every room of your home with holiday spirit? Here are the BEST ideas to decorate like a pro and add a festive touch to your home.

  1. Place garland around your front door – we have a major crush for the boxwood, eucalyptus and olive ones.
  2. … or around your fireplace and mirrors – the result is stunning.
  3. Place some greenery around your doorknobs – you can even add ribbons to your arrangement.
  4. Make a flower bouquet out of cedar, pine, boxwood and your favorite flowers.
  5. Display your holiday wish cards in a nice frame.
  6. Add some branches of cedar to your dining table pendant light.
  7. Place indoor wreaths on your main doors and windows – on the doors that leads to the living room or on your kitchen sink’s window, for instance.
  8. Create a dining table center piece out of garland.

What are your decorating projects for the holidays?

Images via OneKingsLane & My Domaine

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