-7 degrees

Hello my amazing readers! Since it is cold these days, I only feel like wearing heavy knits, faux fur and black. This outfit represents well how I dress when I am freezing (cause i’m basically cold all the time).
This knit with a faux fur collar is from Italy, from my trip last october. I know it is the second time I talk about it but I like it so much. It is warm, comfy, pretty and the size is perfect to wear with anything.
I bought this new headband/turban because I lost the one I had. If you know me well you probably know that I lose everything, all the time.
Oh, and I like those pictures. On the third one I am goofing around and I like to see myself having fun.
Knit: Yes!Miss
Boots: Spring
Bag: Bang on
Leggings: H&M
Belt: Vintage
Gloves: Vintage
Turban: Ardene
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  • Lynzy

    You are one brave girl for going out in that freezing cold!!! You look great doing it though ;)

    xo Lynzy

  • modanista junkie

    And I thought it was cold in California. You are a true fashionista for being out in the cold. AND adore your whole outfit.



    really love that headband!

  • Ismérie

    j'aime beaucoup! Tu es courageuse ou alors tu as l'habitude car moi je suis beaucoup plus couverte que ça… en même temps c'est mon premier hiver à Montréal ;-)