6 trends you will see everywhere this fall

Fall is one of the most beautiful season and it also brings the most gorgeous trends. If you’re wondering what you will see this autumn, here is a little forecast of what to expect fashion wise, then shop accordingly, if you feel like it.

Red hot

If you’re looking for a color to add to your wardrobe, this fall will be all about red statement pieces. It’s a bright and powerful color that will bring a punch to any outfit. Try it in a suit form, it’s worth it.


When it comes to fabrics, plaid will be all over the place this autumn. This versatile print can be perfect for a classic coat, pants or even a dress.


Perfect for a night out, silver and metallic sparkles will be your favorite staple if you’re looking for a bold look. If you are a sky one, go with shoes.

Colorful faux fur

To keep you warm and for a fun look, try colorful faux fur. Blue, pink, red or even multicolor faux fur if you can’t choose a color. Keep the rest of your outfit simple to avoid any faux pas.


Soft and comfortable, this fabric is ideal for fall colder weather. It will bring a vintage feel to your outfit and keep you warm.


Inspired by traditional Japanese kimono, this gorgeous piece with floral and original patterns will make a comeback this fall, in a more oversized form. 

Which one of these trends will you try? Let us know!

Images via Collage Vintage, Vogue, CutyPaste, North-Fashion & LostinVogue

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