6 shops for great home decor deals

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We all have had love at first sight with Zara Home, West Elm and Crate and Barrel, where style is most important. What if we were to share not so known places that are hiding great quality home decorations for a small price? We know you are dying to find out. As trying to inspire you is sometimes revealing secrets, here are our 6 favorite spots for decorating your home.

  1.  Furbish Studio (and we love its Instagram account!) http://furbishstudio.com/
  2. V de V http://www.vdevmaison.com/
  3. World Market http://www.worldmarket.com/
  4. Poketo http://www.poketo.com/
  5. EQ3 (Ok, this one is not so secret but we had to include it!) https://www.eq3.com/ca/fr#
  6. Vestibule http://boutiquevestibule.com

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