5 Wardrobe Staples For This Season

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Since Spring is finally here, we have come up with a list of necessary items to get you through the season. The great thing about this list is that you can DEFINITELY find all of these items under a tight budget. And yes, they can be paired all together.

  1. Plain white tee: This is a necessary item that you can wear with literally everything. From dress pants, to jeans, to under a blazer, plain tees have got your back.
  1. Boyfriend jeans: Need we say more? Comfort is key to an awesome outfit.
  1. Trench coat: It will keep you warm, dry, and effortlessly chic throughout the rainy season.
  1. White sneakers: Once again, comfort! Sneakers are no longer a fashion faux-pas so go for it!
  1. Small leather bag: These are useful and less painful for your back! Get it big enough to fit a lipstick, your phone, your wallet and a pair of sunglasses.

Photos: Style Hawk, Shine by Three, Mija, Edgify me, Lovely Life & Sharemychic

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