The 5 best lip balms available right now



Lipbalmzz. Don’t you just love them? I know I do. I am a everyday all-day lip balm girl. There is one in every bag I own, 2 near my bed in case of an emergency during the night and approximately 4 in my work desk. If you want to know about the best lip balms in town, you have the right girl. Here they are:

  1. EOS round lip-balm. What I love about this one is that I can put lip balm on my 2 lips at the time (haha, not kidding). They also created special ones for breast cancer and an other one that smells like coconut. Me likey.
  2. Lush lip service. Ok, you know I do love Lush. They are eco-friendly, vegan, soft and smooth. Plus, how fun is it to apply the balm with your fingers? Very fun.
  3. Bene Balm by Benefit. Tinted lip balm? Hell yes!
  4. Fresh Sugar Tulip balm. AGAIN, Tinted balm! I just discovered them via Sephora and I am completely hooked. They realized a special package for Christmas that you’ll just WANT to have. You’ll have a color for every day and more!
  5. EOS lip balm. Like the round one, but in a stick, because we do not always carry a big purse.

Are you guys also a lip balm addict? Shall we start a support group?

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Gabrielle Lacasse

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  • Ok, so I NEED to try the Lush one, don’t I? Yes, I do. I have their honey lip balm (Honey Trap) and it is one of my favourite intensive balms. Also, YES to the Sugar ones. They are the best for sure.

  • Michelle Vargas

    Il faut que tu essaie celui de Nuxe (Rêve de Miel)… Le plus hidratant du monde ;)