3 tips that will save you from a terrible hangover

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If you’re like us, you probably are very excited for the Holidays, and especially for all the partying it implies. A little fun never killed nobody, but it sure can give you a few hangovers, which are horrible. To spare you the hangover, here are 3 tips that will help you reduce the aftermath of a crazy weekend:

  1. Stay away from the super sweet drinks, it’s the best way to get too wasted without noticing it since you can’t really taste the alcohol. Plus, they contain way too much sugar, meaning it’s also the best way to finish your night in the toilet.
  2. Only drink clear liquors: vodka, gin, rum and white wine are some of the best choices. They contain less toxins and impurities resulting in a less intense hangover. But stay away from champagne, as glamourous as it might be, it is known to give the worst headaches.
  3. Last thing we want is to sound like a party killer, but let’s be honest: shooters sound so fun but they are not so great if you’re trying to minimize a hangover. Try to avoid them.


Photos via The Sweetest occasion & A Beautiful Mess

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