3 natural ways to boost your immune system during this cold season


People around you are starting to cancel plants to stay home and watch Gilmore Girls. Wonder why? It’s cold season, which means staying at home drinking tea season. Still, you don’t have to spend November with Netflix only. Here are 3 ways to boost your immune system and beat the virus month.

natural-remedies-for-cold immunity-system-booster-kefir-smoothie

1. Oregano oil
Ok, it really doesn’t taste the best, but oregano oil is an amazing natural antibiotic. It helps heal respiratory & other infections and viruses. We swear by oregano oil and always keep some at home (bonus: you can use oregano oil topically as a natural mosquito repellent !) To pick the best oregano oil, look for the highest carvacrol content – minimum 80% (its active ingredient) Read more about oregano oil and carvacrol here and here

To use it, put a few drops (3-4) in a large cup of hot water, inhale while too hot to drink and consume when it cooled down. You can add a few drops of lemon and honey if you really don’t like the taste of it.

2. Turmeric

You can make a ginger, cacao and turmeric juice in the morning or even a creamy turmeric and banana smoothie, it is delicious! We also like this turmeric latte. You could also add turmeric to your scrambled eggs in the morning, your vegetable sauté, salad dressing or bowl of soup ! To read more about this antioxydant and anti-inflammatory spice, click here.

turmeric-cinnamon-latte turmeric-orange-and-ginger-juice-to-boost-immune-system

3. Fermented food
Adding fermented food to your diet is an amazing way to boost your immune system as it contains healthy bacteria (probiotics) that help balance your gut flora. A balanced intestinal ecosystem is key to a strong immune system so this season, you need to be friends with kefir, kombucha, kimchi and yogurt (make sure to pick a yogurt with live active cultures, from grass-fed cows if possible and full-fat & plain in order to avoid sugar.)

What are your ways to boost your immune system and beat the cold?

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