3 easy-to-take-care-of plants to purify your indoor air

Snake Plant and more plants to purify air Spider Plant to Clean Indoor Air Styling Plants in Bookshelf Snake Plant to Purify Indoor Air

When talking about keeping our home clean, thinking about cleaning the air might not be your first thought. Yet it is not a secret, indoor air is a lot more polluted than outdoor, and as we spend most of our time indoors it makes sense to constantly take care of our air quality. That said, this should not be a heavy task or difficult to do. Fortunately, plants are an easy way to clean your indoor air effectively and they require little work. Here are 3 effective plants that can easily work their magic:


  1. Snake Plant

It was listed under one of the best plants to filter out formaldehyde, commonly found in personal care products, cleaning products, paints and pressed wood products that use glue such as laminate or pressed-wood cabinets. To read more about this pollutant, click here.

  1. Spider Plant

Fights formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, toluene and xylene which is often found in leather and rubber items. Extra bonus: this plant is really easy to take care of. The only downside is that it cannot support excessive heat and prefers cool temperatures.

  1. Boston Fern

Boston ferns are really good at removing formaldehyde from indoor air. They are also highly efficient at removing other indoor air pollutants, such as benzene and xylene (components of gasoline exhaust that reside inside your house if you have an attached garage).

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