12 tips to Survive a holiday hangover

how to survive hangover

Hangovers are part of the holidays if you like to drink a little glass of wine like I do. I am not saying that I am an alcoholic, but I do enjoy a little glass of Shiraz here and there, especially when I am off work. Unfortunately, I am not good at hangovers, but I discovered (and read) some great tips that help get you through the day. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Hydrate your lips. I always need a good lip balm when I am hungover. Bring one, wherever you go.  2. Drinking coffee might seem like a great idea when you had too much beer the night before, but it is not. It will dehydrate you more than you already are. Still, if you are craving a hot drink, go for tea. David’s tea has a great tea called “Some Velvet morning”, try it!  3. Exercise. I know it is the last thing you wanna do, but it really helps. A little Wii Fit game works too, by the way.  4. Drink water with lemon in it, very good for the stomach. You know, your stomach that hurts like hell right now?  5. Nap. No more than 15 minutes. It will give you that little boost of energy you might need from the lack of sleep.  6. Go outside. Fresh air helps the soul (that I-am-feeling-weird-hangover-soul)  7. Your cat. I read that watching your cat licking himself is a great way of relaxing. Also, do the #5 with this cute friend.  8. Listen to a movie. We all feel a little weird when hungover (if you don’t, you might still be drunk), so change your mind with a fun Christmas movie.  9. Blankets, blankets, blankets. No explanation needed.  10. Wear comfy clothes. That means: no high waisted jeans, no jeans at all and no waist belt.  11. Eat well. We sometimes have that urge to eat a great Poutine when hungover, but it just makes it worst. Your body needs help and pizza is not help.  12. Read. In bed. With #7.

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