1 piece 10 styles with Smart Set: The tulle skirt

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This month challenge with Smart set was a hard one for me, I must admit (you do not remember what the challenge is? Head over to the first month here). The old Gabrielle would have loved to wear a tulle skirt, but the new one, the one I am now, is not a fan of the trend anymore. It is not because the skirt is not cute, because it looks pretty damn good, but I am just not that girly now. I enjoy wearing sneakers or loafers, hats and leather bags. Still, I made it! I found a way to make it work with my style and must admit, I think a tulle skirt can look great, even dressed down. The key is to stay true to who you are and your personal style.

I decided to pair the skirt with the biggest, chunkiest knit that was available at Smart Set. I picked this gray one (gray! Are you guys surprised?) because I loved the detailing at the neck annndd the color was great for me. I asked the lady if she could pull a large for me and she asked: “Girl, are you sure you want your knit that big?” and I was like “Of course!”. Dressing down a skirt can be that simple: pair it with your favorite knit, great booties and top it off with a hat.

Also, this skirt is great for any holiday party you may have (they are coming!) or for a more dressed-up event.

Outfit details: Skirt, knit and cap from Smart set.

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